“Disciples are handmade, one relationship at a time.” - David Kinnaman, You Lost Me

Post Grad

For those who have embarked on this strange and wonderful quest that sometimes we call “adulting”, we are faced with many challenges of how to stay connected to our faith, to ultimate purpose, and to each other. At LGM, it is our desire that you don’t go on this journey alone. Postgrad is primarily for after-college-aged folks, roughly early twenties to mid-twenties but no one’s counting.  We have grad students, working folks, and people still trying to figure out what’s next. We have a weekly postgrad small group where we share life together, discuss faith, study the Bible, and take on the tough questions of life and faith in a community of love and respect. We also participate in activities and events with our campus ministry group as well. We’d love to have you come check out Postgrad!

Contact: Jamie Yang - jamieyang3927@gmail